To achieve climate targets, European road freight will be electrified within the next decades. Battery electric trucks must achieve maximum range and payload at minimum cost of ownership. Ultimate efficiency is the enabler and can only be achieved by a revolutionary design.


Our goal is to bring BE3T®– Best Efficiency European Electric Truck to the market powered by ExoSkate®, a self-contained platform for commercial vehicles.


ultimate efficiency

25% higher energy density on chassis level achieved by cell-2-chassis design.

Up to 40% less energy consumption by highly integrated drive system, predictive and adaptive control strategies and aero thermal design.




Cabins, including no-cabin for autonomous hauling, axle configuration (4×2, 4×4) and battery capacity (short-, mid-, long-range), can be adapted to various hauling needs.


by DNA. Multi-Function principle results in reduced parts, inherent safety and lowest weight. 

ExoSkate is designed for easy recycling by avoiding composite materials. 



  • Battery capacity
    up to 1 MWh
  • Energy consumption
    up to 0,7kWh/km
  • Range
    up to 1200km
  • Perfomance
    8% at GVW:40 ton
  • Payload
    no delta to DIESEL
  • 300km version
    20% lighter to DIESEL